German history started more than 1000 years ago, and yet, the country itself is younger than the United States. Germany as a country was unified in 1871. The young nation had to cope with surrounding imperial powers that regarded the new country as a competitor in an unjust and skeptical way. The nation had to deal with an outrageous peace treaty after it had been swept up in its first major conflict by foreign actors.  Not a few Germans had put their hopes into National Socialism to restore the nation´s pride and to drain the supposed treasonous swamp. Throughout history, the nation changed its political system several times, and it had to reinvent itself in the years after World War 2. The occupation of Germany resulted in the foundation of two German states. The Federal Republic of Germany in the West and the German Democratic Repubic in the East. Modern Germany was reunified in 1990. Today, it is is a vibrant destination, a cultural center and an economic driving force in Europe and around the world. Germany is seen as a diverse country but moreover, it is a nation of Germans with different backgrounds who share the love for a homeland called Deutschland. Discover the compelling history of the German nation from the end of the Napoleonic wars to modern Germany.

Background Images / Hintergrundilder:

Anton von Werner. Die Proklamierung des Deutschen Kaiserreichs (18. Januar 1871). Zweite Fassung 1882.

Carl Röchling. The Germans to the front !. 1902

CCO: Bergfried of Wartburg Castle

CCO: Hambach Castle

CCO: Reichstag Building