It goes without saying that it is a stereotype that most Germans listen to folk music in leather trousers and dirndls, and it is with certainty not the most favorite music genre among the youth. However, it is a genre that can boost a solemn mood when it comes to folk fetes and wine festivals. In general, you can say that no matter which music genre you are into, music in the German language is in no way inferior to American music, and you can find German songs in every genre. Whereas many Germans love the American spirit by artists of all backgrounds from the USA, it is the mixture of German and international music that shapes the music scene. Even though the music taste differs from person to person, some timeless compositions made it to the canon of the nation's culture. When it comes to compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, Johann Pachelbel, or Richard Wagner, German compositions are second to none.